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Tarmac Driveways

Tarmacadam, most commonly known by the shortened name Tarmac and also referred to Asphalt, and is a bituminous material that is widely used in the paving industry...

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... for both domestic and commercial driveways and highway roads. The material is made up of several properties but mainly tar and broken stone and is therefore naturally a dark coloured material (although colours can be added) that can be laid on almost any surface with the right preparation. When compacted, which is often done by machine, the broken stones are held together by the tar giving the look and finish of a long lasting and highly durable Tarmac driveway quote surface.

The mixture of tarmac to be used for a driveway is laid while extremely hot and viscous, levelled and compacted, and then allowed to cool which is the process needed so that it binds and forms a solid, hard-wearing surface. Tarmac driveways paving should be laid using a paving machine when possible as this ensures the best compression and finish. In small areas, such as garden paths, machine use is not possible but your contractor and specialist will use alternative methods.

Tarmac driveways are a very cost effective surface but still give a really attractive and neat look to any property. Other benefits are that it is easy to maintain and, should staining or damage occur, a tarmac driveway is simple to patch up, repair and clean. Driveways also look very nice when edged with stone or mixed with block paving to provide a different finish and look. Renowned for their adaptability, durability and longevity, tarmac driveways provide a simple, practical and elegant approach to any home.

Key benefits & advantages of Tarmac:

  • Very Hard Wearing
  • Long Lasting, years of use
  • Available in different colours surface
  • Several uses & very versatile
  • Can be used with blocks and stones
  • Excellent looking driveway, pathway, or patio

Block Paving Driveways

Block paving has become increasingly popular and is the main growth area in the British and Irish Paving Industry over the last 20 years...

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The price of manufactured blocks has been reduced due to mass production techniques making block paving a very cost effective surface for any driveways quote.

Bricks and block paving can be used almost anywhere, looking great for drives and patios providing many years of use and enjoyment. They can create great effects for paths and garden patios and are ideal to mix with other paving types such as Tarmacadam, to great a unique look and add that personal touch for your quote.

Block paving is the ever popular alternative to the traditional Tarmacadam surface, and laid professionally gives a stunning look enhancing the look of any home. Being highly durable they are also used in areas such as taxi ranks, docks and freight yards, where a heavy load is constantly being applied.
There is only your imagination that can limit the design possibilities that can be achieved by using block paving, whatever design or shape of area you wish to have constructed it can most likely be achieved from block or brick paving, get your free driveway quote now!.

Key benefits of Block Paving:

  • Highly Durable and Attractive
  • Wide Range of different colours
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Mixable with other paving types
  • Increase of Property Value
  • Various features available

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete (PIC) is the most popular decorative concrete technique currently used in the UK. Available in many styles and...

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colours it is weed free, oil resistant and very low maintenance. It is also referred to and known as Stamped Concrete, Decorative Concrete and Pressed Concrete.

PIC is used by the residential customer for driveways, patios and even poolside surfacing and also the commercial sector where an attractive but low maintenance surface is required.

It is available in a range of patterns and colours, to stimulate the look of brick, cobbles, slate, stone and tiles as the freshly poured concrete is stamped with whichever pattern you require.  The reason PIC requires little maintenance is that the surface is sealed after the pattern has been applied making it resistance to weeds, oil and the weather elements, dont delay get your free quote now!

Key benefits of Pattern Imprinted Concrete:

  • Highly Durable
  • Attractive
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Moss and Weed Free
  • Oil and Stain Resistant
  • Increase of Property Value
  • Available in Extensive Choices


Latest info

- Driveway Quote : We have received a driveway quote enquiry in the Greater London area for tarmac and block paving with the area being approximatley 45 square metres.

Latest Tip : If you are interested in more than one surface type, for example want to receive a quote for tarmac and block paving then you do not need to complete both forms on each of the pages. You can either simply complete one form and then let us know when we contact you that you require a quote for another service or complete one form in full, then go to the other website page for the different surface and complete your telephone number and select the surface only, once you have clicked send we will then be able to match up the two submissions and know that you require a driveway quote for two or more sufaces.

Did you know? : Block paving is a popular choice for gardens, pathways, patios, and now even driveways as it is considered to be much more visibly attractive than other forms of driveways such as concrete and asphalt.  However, it can be a bit more confusing since there are many varieties of blocks to choose from which makes your job as the consumer a bit more difficult to complete.  Originally when block paving became popular in the 1980’s the only two choices were concrete or clay bricks, but now there are many different colour variations and many different block materials as well as shapes making the decision a bit more complex. The first choice that must be made is between concrete and clay.  Generally speaking concrete is lower in price but clay will last longer with colour that will not fade.  However, concrete block paving will still last about twenty years so it is not an unreasonable choice to make if you do not plan on staying at your residence for the rest of your life. However, for a material that will withstand the test of time and possibly outlive your home clay block paving is the best choice. (10 December 2010).

Thinking about new block paving? : If you are thinking about starting a block paving project in your garden or for a driveway or pathway the very first thing that you will need to decide before you can even start to get a price estimate or choose colours and design is what type of block paving materials to use.  The two major materials to choose from are concrete block paving and clay block paving.  To help make the decision a little simpler the following is a brief overview of both choices. Clay block paving - Built to withstand the test of time, there is a good chance that clay blocks will not only outlive you, but your children as well.  Additionally, they do not usually fade in colour although they are prone to moss growth and usually are only cut into rectangular or square shapes since the material is hard to cut. Concrete block paving - Concrete is a more affordable option and is actually quite cheap compared to clay blocks, but realistically will only last about twenty years and you will start to notice that the colours fade over time.  However, since the material is easier to work with you have a larger choice of sizes and shapes. (13 January 2011).

Driveways Paving Materials - which surface type?:

There are few who would argue that at least in the sense of garden features and addition, very little can look more elegant than beautifully presented driveways paving. True simplicity coming into its own in the very best way possible, good driveways paving quite literally has the power to transform any home into a wonder to behold, offering a host of benefits above and beyond any other external home project. Furthermore, it is quite possible to customise both the design and style of the driveways paving in order to build a fully unique and one of a kind result, tailor made to suit any property perfectly.

Choosing materials for driveways paving does not only have an effect on the final appearance of the project, but also on the long term durability of the driveway and the maintenance required in order to keep it in safe and pristine condition. Concrete and asphalt driveway options are the most common by far, featured in the yards of millions of homeowners the world over. Concrete in particular holds a high level of appeal and popularity as it is rather inexpensive, though it can prove a little on the expensive side to repair should cracks begin to show.

Asphalt is another popular choice for driveways paving, offering an excellent finish and relative ease of installation. Possibly the main drawback of asphalt is the need to carry out fairly regular maintenance in the way of continually sealing the material with a special, protective coat. Paving stones may well be the very best choice for driveways paving, offering the main benefits provided by most other driveways paving materials but with none of the drawbacks. While such stones may be a somewhat more expensive option, the quality is far superior and requires little to noting in the way of maintenance, which quite easily augments the initial purchase price. The stones have a degree of flexibility and can be flipped to extend their life, not to mention being available in fabulous selection shapes, sizes and colours which really set this driveways paving option apart from the rest. April 2011.

When choosing a driveway surface, there are a plethora of options available!

These options include slate, cobble stone, and asphalt. Imprinted concrete driveways, though, offer homeowners endless design options, are practically maintenance-free and can last a lifetime making them a favorite amongst driveway surfaces.

What is Imprinted Concrete?
Imprinted concrete, also known as patterned concrete or stamped concrete is concrete that can be designed to look like almost any surface. It serves as an excellent substitute to more expensive options such as natural stone paving due to its versatility and ability to resemble stone and even wood! Though adding imprinted concrete driveways can be a simple process, it is recommended that the job be left to professionals.

The Design Process:
Imprinted concrete driveways can be moulded into any shape and changed into any colour. Patterns are achieved by using a mould to stamp designs into the cement (hence the name stamped concrete). Because a mould is used to create a design, you have numerous options when creating the driveway you have always wanted. You can create a worn stone look, bonded brick, flagstone or slate- the possibilities are endless! More elaborate designs can incorporate steps, fountains and other more exuberant elements. When complete, acrylic is used to seal and finish the driveway. Once the acrylic is used as a finishing agent, the imprinted concrete driveway becomes 25% more solid than average concrete.

Firstly you need to get a stamped concrete driveway quote, then you can achieve a stunning look at a fraction of the price of traditional methods and surfaces. Due to its four inch sub-base, imprinted concrete will not sink or spread. It is resistant to dirt, stains and growth of algae, weeds and moss. Also, its colours do not fade in the direct sunlight. With its minimum maintenance, your imprinted concrete driveway will last for years to come. May 11. | Sitemap | Contact | Link to us | Imprinted Concrete Cheshire
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